At the Informed Consent Action Network, you are the authority over your health choices and those of your children. In a medical world manipulated by advertising and financial interests, true information is hard to find and often harder to understand. Our goal is to put the power of scientifically researched health information in your hands and to be bold and transparent in doing so, thereby enabling your medical decisions to come from tangible understanding, not medical coercion.

Who We Are

Investigating the safety of medical procedures, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines while advocating for people’s right to "informed consent."

  • Fighting for Parents' Rights
  • Protecting Children
  • Science-based inquiry
  • Reasonable requests
  • Children first
  • Doctor-friendly

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Message from the Founder

Our founding fathers fought against tyranny to realize the dream of a great and free nation. It is time for the free people of the greatest nation on earth to stand up for our freedom to choose, before the medical and pharmaceutical industries continue to pass laws that force those decisions upon us.

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